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On-Site Medical Care

Have an upcoming event or occasion that could use some temporary medical help?

Mobile Med can assist you in keeping your event safe and healthy. Our fully-mobile team of licensed, experienced medical professionals have experience managing acute healthcare and testing needs at any place or location. 

COVID 19 Rapid Testing

  • Rapid Antigen Tests provide accurate results in less than 15 minutes 

  • Service includes coordination of all on-site testing components, including necessary medical equipment and paperwork

  • Test results may be used for up to 72 hours, providing a safe environment for multi-day events

  • Expert level medical advice provided to patients regarding their testing results

Primary & Urgent Care Services

  • On-site medical assessment ensures events continue to run smoothly, without interruption

  • Service provides acute care for things like sudden illness, lacerations and wound care, as well as medication management and healthcare counseling 

  • When necessary, Mobile Med can provide triage care until emergency services are available

  • IV Hydration and dehydration management are also available

COVID Coordination 

  • Provide assistance and recommendations for developing safety protocols and strategies to ensure a healthy environment.

  • Act as a resource or work directly with public health agencies