Mobile Med offers some services via an app called Spruce.

Spruce is a HIPPA compliant app for your iOS or Android devices that lets you request appointments, ask questions or clarify treatment plans with your provider.  Spruce is only available to download via the link below; it's not available in your device's app store.  


It also lets our providers do things like:

  • Respond to requests for a housecall or telemedicine call

  • Send secure messages directly to you

  • Conduct telemedicine calls to evaluate concerns about skin issues, allergies, cold, cough and flu, UTIs, allergies & more via a quick, convenient face-to-face video call

  • Or quickly evaluate your condition to determine if you need an in-person house call

  • Send direct messages to discuss prescription medication questions or side effects, as well as prescription changes or adjustments 

  • Send your invoice & accept credit card payments


A Few Notes About Spruce...

Spruce won’t replace all house calls.  Our providers will still want to see most patients in person.  There's actually a lot they learn or notice while evaluating you in person.  But telemedicine calls are a great option for things like follow-up questions and concerns, as well as prescription adjustments/changes.

Spruce is a secure and private way to share medical information with our providers (I.e. Spruce is a HIPPA compliant.) When you submit medical history information or your provider sends you a direct message, your private information is protected.  

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